Where can I obtain an application form? What does it cost? Can I apply online?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply online. You can, however, complete the application form online. This ensures that you provide all the details that we require, and avoids incomplete applications. In addition to that it helps us to process applications faster, as we can simply transfer the data from the black and white hatched field on the last page of the application. You can find the application for completion on line visa the following link: https://videx.diplo.de

The form is available in German and in English language. Please submit one completed application. For national visas other application forms are used. Please read the appropriate information leaflets with regard to this.

S. also: Information on how to use “Videx” (for the online completion of the Schengen-application)

Applications that are to be completed by hand are available for free during opening hours at the entrance of the Embassy.

Applications for national visas (for students, Au-pair) cannot be completed on this website. Kindly refer to the appropriate information leaflets for such information.

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