I am an exhibitor at a Fair, do I have to pay the visa fee?


Please read the information leaflet on the homepage of the German Embassy, www.manila.diplo.de, about visa.
If you are an exhibitor at a fair in Germany please submit on application for your visa the exhibitor`s pass for the particular fair in original with a xerox copy of it. The visa fee can only be waived if the exhibitor's pass is presented on application. A refund of the visa fees that were already paid is not possible.
A visa granted free of the visa fee is valid only for the time of the exhibition in Germany for which the exhibitor's pass is valid (the validity period of the visa can cover the dates of two or more fairs if you present your exhibitor's pass for each fair).
Should you ask for a visa with a longer validity, e.g. a one year visa, and you present only one exhibitor's pass only, then the visa fee will not be waived.

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