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General Information

The identity card with the contactless, electronic chip is a multifunctional card in credit card format. At the request of the applicant, the fingerprints can be stored on the chip – in addition to the photo – as an additional biometric security feature.

These biometric security features may only be read by sovereign authorities (e.g. police, border and customs authorities). Furthermore, the identity card has an electronic identification (eID) function and is prepared for the use of the “electronic signature”.

Further information regarding the ID Card and its possible uses can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Important change to the ID card

On July 8, 2017, the law to promote electronic proof of identity came into effect, with which, among other things, the PAuswG (ID Card law) was amended to the effect that an identity card is now always issued with a function for electronic proof of identity (online function), unless the applicant is not yet 16 years old at the time the application is submitted (Sec. 10 (1) PAuswG).

The possibility of receiving the ID Card with the online function switched on or off is no longer available with this regulation. ID Cards are only produced and issued with an activated online function. It is no longer possible to obtain an ID Card with a deactivated online function.

The ID Card with activated eID can only then be used if the five-digit transport PIN has been replaced with a six-digit personal PIN. This can be done using a card reader on your private computer (further information can be found here.

Information leaflets can be found here.

Upon submitting your application, you must make a declaration if your fingerprints will be stored on the chip of your ID as an additional security feature. You will not experience any disadvantages in this regard.

For any changes that require the input of a pin number, the applicant has to appear personally in the Embassy. This particularly concerns the reset of pin numbers (which includes the exchange of the transport pin) as well as the activation or deactivation of the eID function.

You may also reset or change your pin number at home, if you possess the corresponding card reader.

Letter with PIN/PUK

Every applicant who is more than 15 years and 9 months old at the time of their application receives a letter from the Federal Printing Office containing a PIN (personal identification number), a PUK (personal unblocking key) and a password to lock the eID. A direct delivery to applicants in the Philippines is not possible. Thus, there are two options to receive the letter:

  1. If you are deregistered in Germany, the letter will be sent to the consular section of the Embassy
  2. If you are still registered in Germany, you may have the letter either sent to your registered address or to the consular section of the Embassy

If the letter will not be sent directly to the applicant, but to the consular section of the Embassy, it can only be retrieved personally by the ID holder. It is not allowed to have the letter retrieved by a third person with a power of attorney.

The Embassy can forward the letter upon request of the applicant, if he/she covers the costs for the courier and accepts the risk of loss during delivery.


The ID Card may only be issued if you confirm that you received the letter containing your PIN and PUK. If you did not receive the letter, you may insist on another ID card to be ordered.

Your ID Card and the corresponding letter can be picked up personally at the Embassy during our regular opening hours, from Tuesdays to Fridays between 8 to 9.30am (except on holidays). Please bring your current ID Card (or if this is your first one, your passport). If both, the ID Card and the letter will be picked up at the same time, the applicant takes the risk of carrying the ID and its pin number.

For the retrieval of your ID Card, you may authorize a third person in written form. Additionally, you may choose to have it sent to your address via courier if you cover the incurred costs.

Please be advised that the Embassy cannot assume liability for late delivery, damage or loss of your ID Card if being sent via courier. The delivery is at one’s own risk!

Application process / documents

Please make an appointment for the application or modification of your ID Card online and note that two separate appointments are required if you would like to apply for a passport at the same time.

The documents required for the application of your ID Card are the same as for passports. Further information can be found here.

Specific information for applications of persons under the age of 16

Applications for children below 16 need to be submitted by the person(s) holding custody for them. Yet, the child needs to appear personally during the appointment. Additional documents are required. New issuance of passports for minors


The fee for an ID Card is 58,80€ (for applicants below 24 it is 52,80€). If you are still registered in Germany, there will be a surcharge.

The fee is to be paid in PHP (according to the current exchange rate of the Embassy) upon submission of your application. A payment in Euro is unfortunately not possible outside the Eurozone.

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