Change of Address


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If you are deregistered in Germany and take up residence in the Philippines, we recommend that you also change your place of residence in your passport. You can have this done free of charge at the German Embassy in Manila. The application can be submitted personally or via courier.

  1. Proof of Philippine address (e.g. copy of ACR-I Card, Philippines driver’s license, rental agreement or utility bill)
  2. Copy of your valid residence permit (ACR-I Card, visa, etc.)
  3. Copy of the “Abmeldebescheinigung” from your last German place of residence
  4. Original passport
  5. Completed and personally signed Application form for minors PDF / 474 KB
  6. When sending the documents via courier: Pre-stamped return envelope (e.g. LBC or 2Go). The Embassy points out that it cannot be held responsible in the event of late delivery, damage or loss of the passport during delivery. Shipping is at your own risk!

 You can apply for a change of residence at the Embassy from Tuesday to Friday between 8am and 9.30am without prior appointment.

If you submit the application in person and all the documents are complete, the change of residence can be entered on the same day. If applying via courier, please allow 3-5 working days for processing before we will return your passport in the envelope you sent along with your application. Please understand that we cannot provide any information on the processing status during this time.

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