“Solidarity with Ukraine” Week launched by diplomatic missions

01.04.2022 - Article

With its war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia is breaking with the most fundamental rules of the international order. The consequences of Russian actions affect us all. The sovereignty of a state has been compromised. Global supply chains have been disrupted. Thousands have been killed or wounded, and millions of civilians have had to leave their homes and seek refuge abroad.

Solidarity with Ukraine Week launched
Demonstrating their unwavering suport for Ukraine and standing against Russian aggression.© Embassies of Germany, Australia, Canada, Ireland / EU Delegation in the Philippines

The Embassies of Germany, Australia, Canada and Ireland and the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines, all located at RCBC Plaza, in Makati City, have declared April 1 – 7, 2022, “Solidarity with Ukraine” Week to demonstrate their unwavering support for Ukraine and Ukrainians under the slogan #StandwithUkraine.

The Embassies of Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the EU Delegation stand firmly by Ukraine’s side

At times like these, the international community needs to take a firm stand. The choice is clear: defend peace, or tolerate aggression. Take action against an illegal invasion, or turn a blind eye. Horrified by the unjustified Russian aggression against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, our governments have taken decisive action in response to Russian aggressions.

Here in Manila, the Embassies of Australia, Canada, Germany and Ireland, and the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines, all tenants at RCBC Plaza, have set up a Ukraine flag in the lobby of RCBC Plaza Tower 2. It is a stark reminder of the importance to unite behind Ukraine. Passersby are invited to stop for a prayer, a minute of silence or take a picture with the flag, using the hashtags #StandwithUkraine and #SolidarityWeek on social media.

Ambassadors hold the Ukraine flag together as a sign of #SolidarityWithUkraine
Holding the Ukraine flag together as a sign of solidarity.© Embassies of Germany, Australia, Canada, Ireland / EU Delegation in the Philippines

The War and its Repercussions in Southeast Asia

Russian aggression and invasion of Ukraine is an unprovoked and unjustified military action. It is not only a security threat to Europe but also to the international order and global peace. With its aggression, Russia is violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent State that did not pose any threat – an action in clear contravention of the UN Charter and the principles of peaceful relations between sovereign states. It has created a humanitarian catastrophe resulting in the killing of civilians and in millions of displaced people and refugees.

We all need to be united against those encroaching upon the territorial integrity of a sovereign state. In Ukraine, Putin’s war is an attack on universal principles that are the foundation of our international order and guarantee international peace and security. The war in Ukraine has heightened global tensions, and had far-reaching economic consequences, including here in Southeast Asia: disrupting supply-chains and – as felt by millions of Filipinos every day – causing a painful increase in energy and oil prices and, consequently, food prices. These shocks undermine efforts by the Philippines to recover from the impact of COVID-19 and Super-Typhoon Odette.

Sanctions on the Russian Federation

The unprecedented sanctions imposed by the international community are a reaction to the war of aggression against Ukraine ordered by President Putin. They are a legitimate means of isolating and bringing pressure to bear on a state in the face of an unprovoked invasion. Their goal is to press the Russian aggressor into abiding by its obligations under International Law, stopping its attacks immediately and withdrawing all its troops from the territory of Ukraine. This being said, we are not turning against the Russian people. Rather, the sanctions are sparing the Russian population where possible. Humanitarian goods such as medicine and food are not subject to sanctions.

A War on the Battlefield, a War of Words

In times of crises, the truth is often the first to come under attack. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also become a war of words where disinformation is widespread. Russia’s blatant and bold-faced lies, and disregard for the truth belies the moral bankruptcy of their actions. The EU, Australia and Canada commit to fact-based communication and trust the Filipinos to stand by the facts and the truth.

The EU, Australia and Canada count on the Philippines to stand by those defending the principles of the UN Charter and working towards a world without war.


Ambassadors jointly declared the #SolidarityWeek at RCBC Plaza, Makati City

The Ambassadors and Head of the Delegation of the Embassies of Germany, Australia, Canada and Ireland together with the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines made the joint declaration of the #SolidarityWeek on 01 April 2022.

In the photos above are: H.E. Anke Reiffenstuel (Ambassador of Germany), H.E. Steve Robinson AO (Ambassador of Australia), H.E. Peter MacArthur (Ambassador of Canada), H.E. WIlliam Carlos (Ambassador of Ireland), and H.E. Luc Véron (Ambassador of the European Union).

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Solidarity with Ukraine Week
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