Frequently Asked Questions regarding the visa processing

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1. General Questions

Which type of visa do I need for my stay in Germany?

Where do I apply for the Schengen Visa?

How do I apply for an appointment ?

Are there time limits I have to watch when applying for a Schengen Visa?

What must I observe when I complete the Schengen-Visa application form in the internet?

I want to go (for example) first to Germany, then to Austria. At which Embassy must I apply for my Schengen-visa?

May I travel to other Schengen-States with my Schengen-Visa?

How long is the Schengen-visa valid for?

What is the meaning of “validity of the visa”?

Change of visa validity

Can I change my passport during the visa processing?

What must I bear in mind if I do not want my passport to be sent to my original mailing address?

What does Transit visa mean?

I was incorrectly advised by someone at the Embassy. He completed my application form for money and promised me I would receive a visa. What should I do?

Should I transfer money to my internet acquaintance, so that he/she can visit me?

How can I obtain information regarding a particular visa application?

What is a “non-genuine One Year Visa”?

What do I have to be aware of before leaving the Philippines (especially after I was granted my visa) for a long term visa for Germany (for marriage or family reunion)?

How can I prove self-financing of subsistence expenses?

2. Questions regarding Schengen-visas for under-age children (minors)

Do under-age children have to appear for the Schengen-visa application (interview)?

Declaration of consent for under-age children

Which documents shall I submit as a single/divorced/widowed mother/father?

3. Formal Obligation

Can I obtain a visa even without a formal obligation (“Verpflichtungserklärung”) or with a formal obligation of my sponsor?

How do I submit a Declaration of Formal Obligation?

How long is the formal obligation of my sponsor/the person inviting me valid?

What shall I do if, for example, the name is written incorrectly in the formal obligation?

4. Proof of acquaintance / relationship (kinship)

What is meant by “proof of acquaintance”?

What is proof of kinship / friendship?

5. Lacking documents

If my application was not accepted because documents were missing during my application interview in the Embassy, how long must I wait, until I can set a new appointment?

I am requested to submit additional documents, that are not stated in the information leaflet. How can that be?

6. Rejection of the application

My visa application was rejected. What does the stamp in my passport mean?

My Visa application was rejected. What do I do now?

My application was rejected. What can my host/sponsor in Germany do?

7. Schengen Visa complaints

How can I submit a complaint about the conduct of the consulate staff, the external service Provider VFS or the visa application process?

8. Questions regarding the application forms

A) For the Schengen-Visa

B) Regarding the application for a national visa

General information

Which states are Schengen-States?

How much is the fee for the visa issuance (visa processing fee) ?

I am an exhibitor at a Fair, do I have to pay the visa fee?

What can I do to have my entry deleted from the central register of foreigners (“Ausländerzentralregister”, short form: AZR) ?

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