Declaration of consent for under-age children


If the minor child is supposed to travel alone or with a person holding custody for the child (usually the parents) and the visa is to be applied for this, a declaration of consent must be submitted by both persons who have custody for the child, or by other persons who have custody for the child and are not traveling with the child.
This declaration must contain information that the person(s) having custody for the child consent(s) to the child's travel abroad. It usually also contains a statement regarding the duration and purpose of travel and stay this declaration is valid for (e.g. “Up to three months”, “for recreation”, “for permanent settlement”).
It furthermore declares the person in whose company the child will travel (e.g. “with Grandmother X”, “as an unaccompanied passenger with airline Y and will be picked up at airport in Z”, “with my wife A”).

In conjunction with this it is understood that, for the protection of the rights of the person having custody, the declaration of consent must be linked with the duration of the travel that it is being applied for.

The Embassy therefore accepts only declarations of consent upon submission of the visa application that are not older than 6 months from the date of issuance. This means that if the declaration of consent is older than 6 months at the time the visa application is submitted in the Embassy, it cannot be accepted any more. In this case please submit a new declaration of consent.

a) if the person'(s) having the right of custody do(es) is living in the Philippines or abroad, the declaration of
consent is to be submitted
I. before the responsible German consular officer / Honorary Consul, or,
II. if the person(s) having custody is/are in Germany: before a German notary public or the
responsible Aliens Office in Germany (“Ausländerbehörde”)
b) If one of the persons having the right of custody has died: his/her death certificate (if issued by
the Philippine authorities: issued by the NSO on Security paper and submitted in the original; if
issued by the German authorities: Xerox or fax copy sufficient).
c) if the right of custody was transferred to a one person only: the order of the responsible court
d) if the mother is raising the child on her own: certificate / proof regarding being the single mother.

Other documents cannot be accepted.
Please note: The Embassy advises that the Philippine authorities require a “Travel Clearance”, issued by the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development“) upon the departure of children of minor age.
Children under 12 years of age are not required to appear personally at the interview in the Embassy. This means, that for example for a 12-year-old pupil traveling alone, an appointment must be booked, but it is sufficient, if a third party submits the required documents.
The Embassy reserves the right – in the interest of the child's welfare – to request at any time documents, that may be regarded as necessary. We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

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