A) For the Schengen-Visa


As a rule, all fields in the application form must be completed, even those that have footnotes marked with an asterisk (*). This is because of the electronic data processing of the visa application.
That is also why an automatic electronic notice of warning appears when the application is completed online (via the link on the home page of the Embassy) and certain fields are not filled out or are insufficiently filled out.

In what language must I complete the form?
Either in English or in German. Tagalog or other languages are not permissible.

Questions 11 and 12:
Question: Should I state the names of my parents, even if they are already deceased?
Answer: No

Question 18 (If you reside in a country other than the country of your origin, do you have permission to return to that country?):
Question: What is this question about?
Answer: The point is to clarify if you can return to your place of residence with your passport or travel document without further formalities (this is relevant especially for members of third party states). If you have a valid Philippine passport, you do not have to complete anything in this section.

Question 21 (Main destination)
Question: What do I state here?
Answer: It is sufficient, if you state the place, where you will – probably – stay most of your time.

Question 25 (Duration of stay / Visa is requested for):
Question: What validity period should I state in “from … to”, if I want multiple entries into the Schengen-Area?
Answer: From the day of your first entry to the day of your last departure. Consider, if you should not include a “safety margin”, but keep in mind that you must then also submit evidence of health insurance cover for this, i.e. that your invitation must cover the full validity period the visa is being applied for.

Question 26 (Other Visas (issued during the past 3 years) and their period of validity):
Question: Does this apply also for visa applications submitted to the Consulates of other Schengen-States?
Answer: Yes

Question 27 (In the case of transit, have an entry permit for the final country of destination?):
Question: What should I state here?
Answer: If you return to the Philippines after your stay in Germany: “RP” if you travel on to another Schengen-State or third party state, you must write the name of that state.

Question 27 (In the case of transit, do you have an entry permit for the final country of destination?):
Answer: Please note that you can receive a German Transit Visa only when you can submit the visa for the final country of your destination and for all other countries you will be transiting on the way there. This is not the case, of course, if your final country of destination is a Schengen State. In that case you require a Schengen-Visa this that country, and not a Transit Visa.

Question 28 (Previous stays in this or other Schengen States):
Question: Must I declare all visits?
Answer: It may be sufficient to write: “Several times, the last time on / in (dates, if necessary only the year).

Question 29 (Purpose of travel):
Question: What do I write in this section?
Answer: Write the purpose according to the titles in the various visa information leaflets (e.g. for Business travel, Fair Visit, Tourism, etc.).

Question 32 (Border of first entry or transit route):
Question: What do a write here?
Answer: If you are going to Germany by air travel: the German airport of your final destination.
Please note that you should enter first Germany if you have a German Schengen-Visa, unless you have good reasons to enter Germany via other Schengen States.
You might have to explain to the border police officer your reasons for this.

Question 34 (Name of host or company in the Schengen States and contact person in host company):
Question: Whose name should I state here?
Answer: The person/organisation who/that invited you, if applicable a representative of the company or institution which invited you. If you do not know such a person, your the type for visa you are applying for does not require an invitation, you do not have to make any statement here.

Question 34 (Full address (in the Schengen-Area)):
Question: What should I write here, if I am not sure, where I will live? Must I state all the addresses where I will stay, if I travel around Germany?
Answer: If need be, you can make statements such as ”Berlin, hotel“. This should be the case primarily with business travelers. All other travelers should make as exact specifications as possible. Your host or business partner should provide you with an address. Otherwise it is sufficient if you write the address at your main travel destination (see question 15).

Question 35 (Who is paying for your cost of traveling and your costs of living during your stay?):
Question: What should I write here, if my host will cover all expenses?
Answer: Please state the full name of your host.

Question 45 (Applicant's home address):
Question: Should I write the place of residence according to my stay or state the actual main residence?
Answer: Please state the place of your usual residence.

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